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5 Fall Hair Colours To Try With French Curl Braids

Model is wearing colour 350

Fall is the perfect season to experiment with your look, and what better way to do that than with French Curl Braids? These versatile braids provide a stunning canvas to showcase a variety of fall hair colors. Here are five captivating fall hair colors to consider:

  1. 350 - Copper: Embrace the warmth of autumn with a luscious copper hue like 350. This shade adds a touch of fiery elegance to your French Curl Braids, perfectly complementing the cozy vibes of fall.

  2. Bug - Burgundy: Make a bold statement with deep burgundy shades reminiscent of autumn's rich red foliage. Burgundy is the perfect choice for those who want to add a touch of drama and sophistication to their French Curl Braids.

  3. 30 - Light Brown: For a more natural and understated look, opt for a warm, light brown shade like 30. This color captures the essence of fallen leaves and brings a touch of warmth to your overall appearance.

  4. 33 - Dark Brown: Dark brown, represented by shade 33, provides a deep, earthy tone that's perfect for the fall season. It's a timeless choice that exudes elegance and pairs beautifully with French Curl Braids.

  5. C14 (Color 1B, 30, and 27) - Ombre: Ombre styles are all the rage, and C14 offers a stunning combination of color 1B, 30, and 27. This ombré effect creates a captivating transition from dark to light, capturing the changing colors of autumn leaves.

Fall is a season of transformation and renewal, making it the ideal time to experiment with your hair color. French Curl Braids provide the perfect foundation for trying out these stunning fall shades. Whether you prefer the warmth of copper, the boldness of burgundy, or the natural charm of browns, your French Curl Braids will effortlessly elevate your fall style. Embrace the beauty of the season with these fabulous fall hair colors!

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